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The Dark Chango

You wake up from a deep, alcohol-induced slumber.  The tournament yesterday was fun as hell, but you find yourself wanting more.  Your eyes blearily wander from the ceiling to the foot of your bed, and there, sitting on your pile of dirty laundry is a hooded figure.  It hands you a manila envelope, titled:

Bleachers Retort LCL: Week One.

The Dark Chango lives shrouded in a veil of secrecy and deceit. At the time of ruination, many of the humble scribes of the Shadow Isles perished at their lecterns. The Dark Chango was one of the unfortunate souls imprisoned at the expense of their own mortality. Once condemned to haunt the black mist forevermore, the Dark Chango has found the beacon that may once again return light to its long forgotten prison. By revealing the power of Chango Nation through weekly tournament updates, this may be its last chance at escaping eternal damnation. 

Will we ever know the identity of the poor soul trapped deep behind the veil of the black mist? Only time will tell. The Dark Chango just wishes that its message may breach the harrowing and reach you, a fellow Chango, to spread the word. A final caution; laying eyes on such manuscripts is sure to leave you in tears of despair or laughing at the escape of your own sanity. Are you brave enough to face the Dark Chango?

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